"eat when you're hungry"


| Account Management: Adam Raiford, Vanessa Villescas |

| Account Planning: Denisse Dominguez, Katelyn Neu |

| Media Planning: Ashlee Bilbo, Adriana Bueno, Kalyne Leger, Chelsey Rosine |  

| Copy: Philip Bridges, Kiersta Hoover, Kiley Jones, Zach Reed |

| Experiential: Breonna Ruffin | Plans Book Design: Samantha Byrd |

| Art Directors: Beau Carnes, Angela Rhys, Christina Rodriguez, Albert Suarez |

|Production: Tara Dotson, Tyler Weems |

| Advisors: Jenny Buschhorn, Rick Wilson |

creative strategy



In between your commute? Digital billboards will change based on the time of day. The billboards introduce Linner (2 – 5 p.m.), Dreakfast (8p.m. – 12 a.m.) and Drunchies (12 – 4 a.m.). With a real-time clock that catches the consumer’s eye, these billboards drive home the slogan, Eat When You’re Hungry.


Tai Pei displays interactive images of Linner, Dreakfast and Drunchies on the carousel, thus creating a more interpersonal relationship with consumers and utilizing hashtags inspired from the in-between campaign.


How do we convince Millennials to snack smarter? Put the answer right underneath their noses. Tai Pei brings a portion of the freezer aisle to the snack aisle. Before consumers can access their beloved snacks, they have to pass Tai Pei freezers on either end caps. In addition, shelf hangers redirect consumers to the end cap with taglines that openly challenge the traditional snack industry.