summer jamz.

yo, i'm albert. 🌚

A twenty-somethin guy from texas who chases golden hours, reruns the design episode of Abstract with Paula Scher on netflix about 800x, and lover of a good typeface + brand book. I want the work that makes my palms sweat when I think about it; the stuff that I get so passionate talking about that I forget that it's even work. I invest a lot of time in learning about how people and creative work get to where they are; the process is constant and always relevant. Portraits are my side hustle now a days, but it has always been my way of truly connecting with people. Let's chat and make stuff happen.

5 things you should know about me.

  • West Texas grown.

Originally from the desert lands of El Paso, TX. Home of dry desert air, the most authentic mexican food of your dreams, and my crazy, loving family. 

  • Can't Stop Running. Won't Stop Running. 

It's an escape and a major stress relief. I set out to run my first marathon in my early 20's, and ya boi made it happen! I ran my first marathon back in March '18 with a time of 1:57. 

  • "Wha he order....Chick Fil A?"

I have an unhealthy obsession with Chick Fil A... I probably go about 3x a week. #WorthIT #TakeAllMyMoney.

  • Learning. Always.

I want to go back to school before I'm 26 to get my masters degree to teach media, design, and photography in the high school and college level. I love helping people and I believe passing down knowledge is an absolute necessity.