Photo by Ailin Hyde

Photo by Ailin Hyde


BROTHER. creative. amigo.

The way I've seen it, approaching work is a lot like approaching life. You get what you give, never stop learning, find community that shapes you, and always continue trusting the process.

I'm a west texas desert dude currently in the central texas area.  I'm a sucker for a good brand identity, a dope type treatment, the idea that makes people stand up and do something, and the photo that leaves you heart wrenched.

When I'm not in the work space, you can catch me eating chicken tenders, capturing that unbelievably awesome moment through photography, watching an unhealthy obsession of Drum Corps/marching band videos, singing in the shower, or heavy breathing next to a water fountain after a good workout.

(But let's be honest, it's mostly the chicken tenders part.)

Gotta start somewhere. Let's connect.