young, ambitious, and probably eat way too much Chick-Fil-A. 🌚

brother, visual designer, photographer, shower singer, avid hawaiian shirt collector, wholehearted believer. 

 If you're not seeing me jeep waving in the streets of central + west texas, you'll probably see IG posts of me eating Chick-Fil-A, heavy breathing after a run to burn said meal from Chick Fil A, or mostly doing contracted design gigs/hustling through golden hour to get those solid moments.

I am currently in the lone star state of Texas, attempting all things adulting and finding the intersections that lead me back to my true passion in creative projects.  Preferably the kind that involves empathy-driven ideation, grassroot work with local businesses, people photography, and helping a greater cause. 

The process is constant and always relevant, and I like to invest my time in understanding the big ‘why?’ question in life and the drive behind things and people.  After all, creating solutions starts with understanding perspective. Best advice I've received? Everything is relationships. Look there first.