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Make America Grounded Again

Project Brief

  1. Intent: Hundreds of people enter the doors of the Southside Community Center in San Marcos, TX every week. Anybody and everybody that might need a meal, a shower facility, a place to do laundry, or even just a place to spend the night is welcome here. But what about the people behind the scenes? What about their stories and or their experiences? Or yet, what led them to volunteering and devoting their time to this facility. The proposed project, Make America Grounded Again, consists of shining a light on Deedra, the Manager that runs the homeless shelter operations at Southside Community Center.

  1. Content: My project is to document a day in the life of running and working in a homeless shelter. This will expose the daily tasks of preparing everything from the food to the bedrooms to the other overall duties that happen on a daily basis. I will be following Deedra, the head of the homeless shelter, and asking her step-by-step operations that she does to ensure everything in that facility runs smoothly. 
  2. Context: I am doing this now because along with the season of Thanksgiving, it is important to recognize the leaders that might not receive the spotlight. It is important to remind ourselves about the service that happens, and the privilege it is to serve your country and community. 

Long Take

Brief: Select a photograph or a painting that inspires you and strikes you compositionally. Restage the selected image for the video camera. Mimic the lighting, mood, composition, and environment as closely as possible (i.e. reconstruct space/props/costume). The video should last 60 seconds.

Plot twist:  No cuts, digital effects, or panning/zooming.

Ophelia by British artist, Sir John Everett Millais

Ophelia by British artist, Sir John Everett Millais


Austin Short Film Festival_Promo

Brief: Create a promotional video for the Austin Short Film Festival and incorporate the theme: Miss a little, Miss a lot.