Amy + Ryan // Engagement Session

"Mic check. Mic check... Is this thing on?" 

Howdy! Hola! Hello!

Welcome to my first blog. Still getting used to updating this thing, but i'm stoked to share with y'all on here all things that I've been up to with design and photography.

Things have been slowly getting busy on here, and I'd say it's about time I started writing some things down. And what better way to start off a blog then with an engagement session! (Am I right or am I right?)

Ryan and Amy are friends of mine throwin' it back all the way to 2014 at Texas State University. (Eat 'Em Up Cats!)

Currently, Ryan is an Account Executive for UPS (no big deal), and Amy is about to begin her journey into Medical School (no big deal x2). Did I mention these two also crossfit and are huge Game of Thrones fans (so much so that they have a dog named Ghost.) Yeah, they're pretty cool.

Thankful to know dope people like them, and I'm STOKED to be shooting their wedding this December. I'll leave you with Pt II  of their engagement session.