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 My name is Albert, but my friends call me Al-B. Or Al-bear-toe.  Or some sort of combination of all 3.

I’m an El Paso native, brother, uncle, and probably in the Chick-Fil-A drive thru at this moment. 

I reside in the lone star state, attempting all things adulting and finding the intersections that lead me back to my true passion in creative projects.  Preferably the kind that involves empathy-driven ideation, grassroot work with local businesses, and portrait photography.  When you don’t see me jeep waving in the streets of central + west texas, you'll probably see me doing contracted design gigs and hustling through golden hour to get those solid moments with good people.

I like to invest my time in understanding the big ‘why?’ question in life and the motivation behind things and people.  After all, creating solutions starts with understanding perspective.

Best advice I've received? Everything is relationships. Look there first. 

Hope to hear from you soon. Take care!

5 things you should know about me: 

  • Like I mentioned before, I’ve got this unhealthy obsession with Chick Fil A. But I get the grilled club to tell myself that I’m eating healthy, even when I still upgrade the meal to large. #NoRegrets

  • I’m an ENFP , Enneagram Type 2, and lover of pizza and queso.

  • When young Albert was a wee little potato, I got stuck in the bottom portion of a Target shopping cart. My mom cried. I was yelling. Police came to unscrew the cart. It was great.

  • Greatest life achievement so far: Successfully rapping all of Ludacris’ feature on All I Do Is Win by DJ Khalid.

  • I am currently preparing for my 2nd 1/2 marathon. Running is all mental, and I friggin live for that mess.